Everything that note-taking apps should've been.

JustNotes has been built to work with open formats, such as Markdown and RTF, with full support for external editors, live code highlighting, iCloud, folders and tags – and, of course, with respect to your privacy.

Screenshot of App inside a laptop
Screenshot of iPhone App

Open formats

JustNotes supports Markdown and RTF natively, making your existing and new notes available for you everywhere.

iCloud sync

It just happens automatically. You don’t need to worry about your notes being available on all your devices.

Markdown preview & code highlighting

See how your notes will look like – live. Oh, and we also support 170+ programming languages.

Simple pricing. No subscriptions.

JustNotes is available for a one-time fee, without any subscriptions or in-app purchases whatsoever. You just get the full app experience.

iOS Unlimited

$1 .99
  • Unlimited iOS App Experience. Forever
  • Unlimited iCloud Sync
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Mac Unlimited

$3 .99
  • Unlimited Mac App Experience. Forever
  • Unlimited iCloud Sync
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Built With Launchaco
Built With Launchaco